Services and Prices

Prices and Transparency

We want to make sure your visit to the salon is a comfortable and enjoyable experience which is why we have put in place the following guidelines to ensure we can deliver the best possible service to our clients. Please read the following guidelines before booking an appointment to avoid any misunderstanding.

Online Booking
If you’re a new client and have booked online, you will receive a confirmation email. It is essential to respond to the email to keep your appointment.

We want our clients, both regular and new, to feel comfortable before coming to the salon. That is why if you are a first-time client or coming in for a significant change, we will ask you to come in for a consultation so you can have a chat with your stylist before making a booking.

Colour & Technical Service
Due to the complex nature of colour service, please call us 0208 540 4664 to book a complimentary consultation if you’re unsure which colour service you require.

Patch Test
Your health and safety are our top priority which is why we insist you come in for a patch test before any technical services. Just pop into the salon any time at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Rough Dry
Technical services do not include the price of cut or professional blow dry by our stylist. We highly recommend the book for a haircut or blow-dry to see perfect finishing results.

For first-time clients, we require a 50 percent deposit for all colour and technical appointments.

As a salon, we understand that sometimes things come up, and you can’t always attend your appointments as planned. However, as there is often a waiting list for appointments with our most popular stylists, we would kindly request a 48-hour notice if you are unable to make your appointment.

We understand that when you book an appointment weeks or months in advance, it is easy to forget. This is why we will send you a text message & email reminder.
We know your time is essential, but a missed appointment means a lot to our stylist somebody else could miss out on getting their hair done.

For an appointment which is canceled or changed without 48 hours’ notice, we reserve the right to charge 50 percent of the service booked. We appreciate you respecting our time as much as we respect yours



Using Davines Products

  • Half Head Hi-Lights from £110 - £120
  • Full Head Hi- Lights from £138 - £140
  • T Section Hi-Lights from £65
  • Roots Re-Touch (Under 6 Weeks) from £60
  • Roots Re-Touch (Over 6 Weeks) from £90
  • Permanent Colour from £140
  • Balayage (Including Haircut) from £220
  • Toner After Colour Or Bleach from £45
  • Bleach By consultation
  • Perming By consultation


  • Boy's cut (Age 0-10) £15
  • Boy's cut (Age 11-15) £20
  • Girl's cut (Age 0-5) £15
  • Girl's cut (Age 6-9) £20
  • Girl's cut (Age 10-13) £28
  • Girl's cut (Age 14-17) From £38-£45

    With Shampoo

For stylist specific pricing, please see our stylist " Bio's"

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Why We Use Davines

Davines products don’t contain sulphates or parabens, or other nasty chemicals which can irritate your scalp or hair. They harness the power of the highest quality natural ingredients, making them ideal for even the most sensitive skin and hair types. Davines are an ethical brand. They are a fair trade brand and all their products are made using natural ingredients from environmentally sustainable sources. They are also suitable for vegetarians and they do not tested on animals.

We Recycle The Unrecyclable

Kartee M Salon is proud to partner with Britian’s Green Salon Collective to help us achieve zero waste in the salon, reduce our carbon footprint and implement sustainable work practices.£1 from your service will help facilitate resource recovery initiatives that recycle hair, the salon’s metals, hair dyes and tools.

“We use your hair for either gardening, composting or for oil spills or waterway cleaning operations”

We offer £3 off when you

Bring Your Towel

Here at Kartee M Salon, we believe that style and sustainability go hand in hand and that you can have beautiful hair and still look after our beautiful planet.

We are always looking at new ways to make our salon greener so you can come to us safe in the knowledge that we care about your hair and about the environment so you can enjoy your style which is why we have introduced a bring your own towel scheme where we encourage our clients to bring in their own towels so we can cut down on our water usage.

We have all got used to bringing our own cups to coffee shops and bringing our own bags to do the grocery shop so bringing your own towels is the next step for a greener, healthier lifestyle so you look great and feel great at the same time.