What makes hair shiny?

Everyone wants healthy hair, but not many people have the time or professional knowledge needed to make it happen. Shiny hair usually means healthy hair, although it’s not just the way you treat and style it that will make the difference.

From adding products and managing heat exposure, to getting good sleep and eating well, improving the condition of your hair is an ongoing process. Here we look at what makes hair shine and offer some helpful tips that you can use as part of your routine.

What is shiny hair?

Shiny hair will reflect light to create an eye-catching shine, which is referred to as specular reflection. You’ll notice the difference with dry, damaged hair will do the opposite, scattering light to make your hair look lusterless.

Why do I have dull hair?

There are many reasons why your hair may not have the amount of shine you would like. When your hair becomes too dry, the ends of the tiny shingles that are on every strand of hair stand up. For your hair to be shiny, those shingles have to be closed. An ‘open’ hair cuticle (caused by damage) can start to lose moisture which makes it harder to retain shine.

How to add shine to your hair

Using some of the tips below can help you to achieve shiny, glossy hair that looks amazing:

1. Try a deep cleansing shampoo

Too much product build-up can take its toil after a few days of styling. Try using a detoxing shampoo once a week that can boost shine and regenerate your locks

2. Restore moisture

Good hydration is essential to achieving shiny hair. A restorative hair mask that has been infused with avocado oil could do the trick, adding more body and vibrancy that leads to better shine.

3. Watch your heat levels

Hot tools, blow drying and even using hot water to wash your hair can soon strip away its natural oils. Rinse your hair with cool water to seal the cuticle and lock in shine. Use heat tools on lower heats and minimise the length of time you use them for.

4. Brush carefully

Use a wide-tooth comb to brush your wet hair after showering. For dry hair, use a natural boar bristle brush which can help to distribute the natural oils to help improve shine and gloss.

5. Eat and drink well

We are what we eat and that also includes our hair. Eat plenty of vitamin-rich fruits and veg and plenty of water. Oranges, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and strawberries are all great for hair. Vitamin C aids the production of collagen which can in-turn help your hair.

Of course, everyone’s hair care and lifestyle routines are different, so it’s about finding the right solutions that suit you. We’re always happy to offer advice and tips on how to improve the overall quality of your hair, whether it’s to add shine or anything else.

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