Does oil massage help hair growth?

There is no shortage of hair products you can try to stimulate hair growth, although nearly all the commercial brands fail to live up to the big promises they make. Sometimes the traditional methods can still produce better results and even if they do not solve the issue, unlike chemical-based products, natural applications are often much kinder to your hair.

With that in mind we look at how massage oil may be able to stimulate hair growth and some of the benefits it can offer.

How oil massage can help hair growth

Massaing your hair with oil can help hair growth by:

Keeping itchiness and dandruff away

It is often the case that chemical-based products are responsible for stripping our scalp of much needed moisture and nutrients, which can lead to dehydration. When the scalp is dehydrated, it can start to flake, itch and form broken skin, which reduces your protection against environmental elements.

Massaging your hair with oil can help you to maintain good levels of hydration and keep dandruff at bay. It can also stimulate the oil glands, so your scalp naturally produces more natural oil to improve its overall health over time.  

Strengthening hair and roots

Many people suffer with extremely dry hair, flat and limp hair, oily scalps, split ends and breakage, which can leave your roots feeling undernourished and weak.

Regularly massaging oil into your scalp can help to strengthen the roots and improve blood circulation, which some researchers believe can help to boost hair growth. Carrier oils such as olive oil or coconut oil are also good at unclogging hair follicles to make it easier to absorb nutrients in your scalp.

Reducing frizz and split ends

Your hair constantly faces a lot of external issues, be it pollution, UV rays and other environmental agitators that can cause frizz, dryness, split ends and breakage.

When you massage oil into your hair it can form a protective layer on the scalp, creating an additional barrier to shield the roots against harmful rays and pollution. It’s a form of deep conditioning that with regular application can strengthen your hair so it has more resistance against damage and hair fall.

How to massage oils into your hair

Follow the steps below to apply massage oils to your hair:

  1. Carefully add some oil on your scalp and using your fingertips, gently massage using a circular motion.
  2. If you have oil left on your palms you can also apply this to your hair.
  3. Cover your hair with a shower cap or towel and leave it on overnight.
  4. In the morning, dry shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Condition your hair as normal (coconut oil can also be used as a conditioner).

If you do not feel comfortable leaving the oil in your hair overnight, let it settle into your roots for about an hour before washing it out.

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